2018 Summer Camp – Looking for Sponsors

If you haven’t been directly associated with the impacts of ASD and related issues, you may not be aware of the financial costs that are involved in raising a child with special needs. Not all insurances cover the variety of care needed; therefore, parents and caregivers are responsible to cover these costs themselves. Access to specialized, quality education is another area in which families can see high out of pocket costs.

Some families do receive scholarships to pay for specialized education; none of which offer funding for summer camp or after school care. Therefore, in an effort to keep our camp at an affordable costs for families of all income levels, we are looking for donations to supplement the differences. The fees for one child for the entire 11 weeks of camp is $1650.00. We have developed a range of Sponsor Options to help offset these costs.

Sponsor Options

Donate online (Scroll to 2018 Summer Camp Sponsor)

If you have any questions, please contact: Veva Scott, Secretary