Just the facts… a quick SPAP Update

Hello, all…

Our website development is coming along nicely enough that I’m going to call it SPAP 1.0. Please check it out, (here) and know that the content is a bit thin. We’ll be adding more every day. The important thing is the Calendar, which I will talk about more below. Here is a quick update on SPAP, and I’m hoping we can have a monthly e-newsletter soon.

  1. Board Meeting Our next board meeting is Oct. 27, 7-9 p.m., at the St. Pete Sanctuary. This is an amazing new space run by a couple you will enjoy getting to know. They would like host a number of events for us in the future, including…
  2. Thanksgiving Day Camp — It looks like we can make this happen. I’ll post updates on this initiative over the next week or two. We need to make a lot happen before the next board meeting; insurance, for instance. I think we can accommodate up to 15 kids for an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. camp just for kids on the Spectrum. We’re going to focus on elementary age kids, but we might have some spots for tweens and young teens. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. More to come.
  3. Calendar — A cool feature of our new website is the Calendar. Note that in the site’s navigation menu, its under the “Events” tab. At the top of the grid under the word “Calendar,” you will find a link. Click this link on your phone or desktop and it should give you a live link to this calendar with updates as they happen. How cool is that? This works on my Mac and iPhone. Your mileage may vary. With the calendar, you can RSVP to events; and once we get the functionality locked down, we can even sell tickets and merchandise through the site.
  4. Volunteer Meeting — Put Nov. 2 on your calendar. We want to have a big meeting that night from 7-9. Probably at SPC. I’ll present the keynote/powerpoint I’ve been giving to business groups, we will discuss the future of SPAP and start forming some committees to get things done. I need help. Veva Scott and Sue Luther have been tireless helpers, but we need to get about two dozen more folks donating time and working on behalf of SPAP. We’ll need a team of 5 volunteers to be at the Thanksgiving Camp.
  5. Friday Meeting — Anyone who can make it, we are having a weekly meeting at my house on Friday mornings, 8:45 to 10. This is where the work of SPAP is getting done. You are welcome to participate by phone, FaceTime or Skype.
  6. Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater — Sue Luther is creating this fun-raiser for us. Put Nov. 21 on your calendar. Get a sitter and come enjoy the amazing event everyone in Pinellas is buzzing about.
  7. Meetup for Adults on the Spectrum Watch our website, calendar and Facebook for an announcement on this. We are getting a ton of requests for this. And finally,
  8. Temple Grandin is coming to town Put Dec. 9 on your calendar. I’m going to reach out to the organizer and see if we can get a group rate on tickets. If you’re interested. Please RSVP here. Note that the RSVP just tells me you are interested, so I can get a head count.

Pinellas County Schools with ASD Units

I think this is a comprehensive list of public schools in Pinellas that have dedicated ASD units for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’ve also seen an unconfirmed statistic that PCSB is serving about 1100 kids with ASD.

I’m now on the PCSB’s ESE Advisory committee, so please contact me with your questions and concerns about the ESE program. I’m still learning, but I have some good coaches who know the ins and outs of IEPs and 504s. If I don’t know the answer, I think my contacts will.

Anona Elementary
Azalea Elementary
Bardmoor Elementary
Dunedin Elementary
Forest Lakes Elementary
Garrison-Jones Elementary
McMullen-Booth Elementary
New Heights Elementary
North Shore Elementary
Oakhurst Elementary
Plumb Elementary
Safety Harbor Elementary
San Jose Elementary
Sawgrass Lake Elementary
Seventy-Fourth St. Elementary
Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary
Oak Grove Middle
Osceola Middle
Palm Harbor Middle
Pinellas Park Middle
Dunedin High
Northeast High
Seminole High

If you have specific knowledge of a program not on this list or know that a school on this list is no longer offering ASD units, please comment, so I can keep an accurate list.

PCSB’s website is the best place to find links to each of these school’s websites, http://www.pcsb.org. Here is a direct link to PCSB’s ESE page, http://www.pcsb.org/Domain/169.

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